The Beesponsible Promise

Beesponsible means making a promise to bees and to the environment. A commitment that embraces the deep connection we share with bees and takes personal responsibility to help them. In the world today, this collective effort to Beesponsible may be one of a handful of ways we can make real change for bees. We’d like our kids to know bees, and our kids’ kids. That’s why we’re spreading the word on how to Beesponsible, so we all can help keep bees a healthy and thriving part of our lives.

Bees Put Food on Our Table

Bees Put Food on Our Table

We can thank bees and other pollinators for nearly one-third of everything we eat. Without them we wouldn’t enjoy countless fruits, vegetables and nuts — from apples and almonds to cucumbers and watermelons. But bees face serious threats and population declines. We must take Beesponsible actions now to reverse this trend for future generations, creating a healthier environment for bees and humans.

We're Everyday People for Bees

We're Everyday People for Bees

We love bees and all they do for us. We are friends of nature, agents of change and believers of actions that contribute to the greater good — for bees, humans and the environment that connects us all. We are beekeepers, animal-lovers and gardeners. We’re community-minded neighbors, parents and kids. Together, we give bees of all kinds a voice by sharing ways (big and small) to help them. We advocate for pollinator-friendly practices among beekeepers, gardeners, everyday people and elected leaders. We procure quality honey from well-loved, well-tended bees. We hope you’ll join us in taking the pledge to Beesponsible, because our individual actions add up to big change!

Backed by Folks Who Love Bees, Not the Status Quo

Supported by Barkman Honey, a family-owned company in the Midwest with beekeeping roots dating back to 1928, we couldn’t be better positioned to take on the higher calling of Beesponsible. Throughout its history, Barkman Honey has led positive changes in the beekeeping and honey industries — by spreading the word on beekeeping best practices, raising the standards for honey safety, quality, purity and supply chain transparency, and leading the charge for ethical sourcing and labeling of honey. Today, Barkman Honey maintains its unwavering focus on challenging the status quo in the industries it helped build and holds dear. Beesponsible reflects that passion, and it powers our mission to promote responsible actions that will help keep bees around for the long haul.
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